100% Pure Mulberry Silk: Dore & Rose silk products are made from 100% mulberry silk. They comply with the strictest EECOTEX guidelines.

*This order includes one item, order a second item to mix and match.

Momme is a Japanese unit of measure and says something about the quality of the silk. The higher the Momme, the thicker the fabric. The thicker the fabric, the longer it lasts and the warmer it is the longer it feels fresh. Our Dore & Rose silk is made from the thickest and best Momme quality of 22 mm.


Traditionally, silk is hand wash and dry clean only. Ours are of the highest quality so they are machine washable, but they are still silk and need as much care as we can give them.

- Hand wash or machine wash at maximum (30°C).
- Minimize spin time
- Hang drying preferably
- Do not use any bleach

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