Premium Silk Scrunchies

Upgrade your hair-tie game with mulberry silk skinny scrunchies. Made with premium silk quality to be gentle on delicate hair and to avoid hair creases and tangles.

More about scrunchies

Our silk scrunchies are made from 100% 22-momme mulberry silk. A soft fabric designed to keep your hair healthy. It contributes to achieving shiny and healthy hair. Our silk elastics have a strong hold and you can wear them for a long time without experiencing any hair pain. It leaves no kinks due to the softness of the silk and you can wear the scrunchie for hours and still be able to let your hair down without and traces. The silk fabric ensures no friction with the hair, which is essential in preventing hair breakage and tangles. 

Silk scrunchies in several sizes and colors

The scrunchies come in two different sizes and colors. The collection exists of the large and skinny silk scrunchies in different colors. Grey, white, pink, black and champagne. Perfect to combine with any outfit and switch up each season. The small scrunchies are ideal for every hair type and stay in place very well. Whether you have thick or thin hair, they always maintain a strong hold and keeps your hair in place. Different combinations are possible and come in a set of four. A perfect gift and are an essential item to have in your handbag and toiletry bag. For shiny and soft hair, we recommend ditching old-fashioned elastics and hair ties and exchanging them for our mulberry silk scrunchies.These premium silk scrunchies improve the condition of your hair, soft, have a firm hold and leave no kinks behind.

Sustainability and safety

All our products are 100% certified and safe. The entire collection is Oeko-Tex certified and has passed all SGS tests and inspections. We also strive for our supply chain and logistics process to be as sustainable as possible.

Mission Statement

 We strive to contribute to more than just to healthier skin. That is why we work together with Hope & Homes. A charity that wants to realize a better life for orphans. We support this initiative by donating 1 euro of each sale.