Secrets of silver ions and why they actually work

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Let’s take a minute, or more, to understand what we exactly mean with a Silver Embodied Silk Pillowcase. We can imagine that it sounds pretty crazy and that you are thinking, what’s going on here?

What are silver ions?

So, first things first, silver ions are what we like to call our secret ingredient. We know a secret ingredient is something you usually don’t share, but we are making an exception for you here. 

Let’s break it down

A silver ion is a single particle of the silver element. It is a natural mineral which has antimicrobial functions, meaning it kills bacteria, mold and stops them from growing. 

But how exactly does it kill?

The silver ions pierce through the cells of these microorganisms, the bacteria and mold, and destruct their DNA which stops reproduction and kills them. This is why silver ions have a sterilization effect. 

So, that being said, you probably now understand the efficiency of silver ions and why we use them. We penetrate these into our silk fibres and then into situ reduction, the nanosilver assembly in the fibre is realized. This is how we achieve the highest antiviral and antibacterial effects, killing 99.7% of bacteria and contributing to your healthier skin. No worries, this process has no negative effects on the environment or yourself. We have passed all SGS tests, and inspections and our products are Oeke-Tex certified. 

Good to know is that the silver ions have the ultimate effect of killing 99.7% of bacteria for the first 18 months. After that, a slight reduction will take place. Lucky for you, we will be around for a long time to take care of skin. All you have to do is sleep on it!

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