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About us

Dore & Rose was founded in 2022 believing skincare should be as easy as going to bed at night. With the aim to introduce unique products that contribute to healthier skin, Dore & Rose launched their Mulberry silk sleep essentials. Dore & Rose’s skin recovering silk pillowcase and sleep masks reduce acne & blemishes, rebalances natural oils, boosts the effect of other skincare products and prevents fine lines and wrinkles on the long term. All you have to do is sleep on it and your skin will be uplifted due to the benefits of premium silk.

How we leave a mark

We are committed to doing more than just contributing to healthier skin. Dore & Rose is proud to support Hope & Homes whose goal is to be the catalyst for the global elimination of institutional care of children as these orphanages have devastating consequences for children. We believe that every child has the right to grow up in a loving family. They are not just in need of a roof over their head, food and a bed. It’s the love they desire and cherish and that is exactly what Hope & Homes's mission is. We help by donating 1,- euro for each purchase done at Dore & Rose. Better nights for you, better nights for them.

Premium mulberry silk

Mulberry silk is known as "the second skin of the human body" and as the "Queen of Fibers". It has an 87% similar structure to human skin. Long fibre silk is formed by the solidification of silk liquid secreted by mature silkworms when they form cocoons. It is also called natural silk and is made from natural fibres. A careful selection of cocoons, a careful peeling process, and a precise production process result in high-quality fabrics. As a result of this process, we can offer the best silk products on the market, utilizing silk to its full potential. 

The silk we produce complies with SGS and Oeko-Tex standards. During the production process, silk fabrics are produced from natural elements and dyed with environmentally friendly dyes, making the whole process sustainable. Besides that, we also take serious measurements to contribute to a sustainable supply chain in terms of logistics, packaging, and operations.