The benefits of silk pillowcases for curly girls

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Still hesitant if a silk pillowcase is suitable for your ever so voluminous curly mane? You almost certainly already have a fantastic hair care routine as a curly girl. However, whether you follow the curly girl methodologies on Instagram or have your style, it is essential to remember that having a good nighttime routine is vital as your daily fashioning and care.

Putting in all of the time to prepare and fashion your curls, adding wetness, and guarding it against breakage, one of the leading causes of split ends, jumbles, and crumpled loops is what we sleep on in the dead of night. Smearing styling products and imagining them to do miracles will not happen until you boost them with the right platform. Luckily, this can effortlessly be resolved by swapping your cotton pillowcase for silk!

Bearing that in mind, here are some of the welfares of sleeping on a silk pillowcase for your gorgeous curls to look even better:

Avert Breakage

Regardless of their thread count, cotton pillowcases are a coarser fiber than silk. The cotton fibers can yank and jerk at your hair as you stir at night. Thanks to the structure of curly hair, it has less springiness and thus is more predisposed to damage. Due to how silk is intertwined, the threads are more firmly compressed and lay smoother. This permits your hair to slip on the fabric, thus eradicating the pulling and yanking, leading to minor damage.

Moisture Retaining

The moisture-storing properties of silk make it an idyllic selection for curly hair. As of the S shape of curly hair strands, sebum created on the scalp has difficulty getting to the areas that need it greatest. That is, the lengths and extremities which are susceptible to dryness. Because this oil doesn’t get saturated into your silk pillowcase, your hair can soak up this into these zones.

Maintain Curls

Silk pillowcases will help keep your hairdos in a position short of the need to retouch with products or styling gears. Also, since your hair has nothing scrubbing it incorrectly, you will wake up with fewer twists and unruly hair as your curls will maintain their shape.

Frizzle Prevention

Silk is an anti-static fabric, not like cotton, so you will find you awaken with fewer halo frizz (about the top of your head) and down the curls. Friction instigated by more rigid fabrics can disturb the cuticle layer of your hair, which reasons bedhead as well as frizzed hair.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase won’t resolve your hair troubles instantaneously. If you have very dehydrated, damaged, overly-treated hair, you will need to think through looking at your routine and confirm you are using products that will profit your hair type. Apart from that, adding silk to your routine will develop the situation of your hair along with a hale and hearty hair care routine. Overall, a silk pillowcase might be the investment you need at the moment for better hair!

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