Do silk pillowcases prevent wrinkles?

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We all know that getting adequate sleep is advantageous for our bodily and mental comfort. And what we sleep on or it can influence the eminence and quantity of our beauty sleep. But can sleep on silk pillowcases prevent wrinkles from acting on our face? Let’s see ahead:

Why do we get wrinkles?

Before we delve into how you can preclude wrinkles, it’s imperative to comprehend that they are a regular part of the aging procedure, and we should acknowledge them as a part of us. 

As we grow older, our skin gets finer as we stop creating abundant collagen, making our skin look less plump and young. This, sequentially, means that wrinkles will appear more protuberant.

How can silk pillowcases help?

Sleeping on a coarse cotton surface can aggravate your skin and squeeze your face for extended hours, subsequent in wrinkles or sleep crinkles as they are more usually recognized.

The facial manifestations produce maximum wrinkles we make while we’re wide-awake, these more profound sleep creases ensue from the firmness of sleeping on a cotton pillowcase on your face, neckline, and body. Have you ever awoken with lines over your face after a killer nap? It might feel great, but it'd not be healthy for your skin in the long run.


Cotton and polyester are unsurprisingly permeable, so whatsoever you are placing onto your skin will be soaked up by your pillowcase, accompanied by perspiration and dead skin. All of this can end in a medium for bacteria which can reason an entire host of skin problems.


Silk is a healthier option than cotton, as the fabric doesn’t generate friction and helps prevent resistance and irritation on the skin. Likewise, it helps hold moisture, which can be helpful in wrinkle inhibition. Silk is again naturally hypoallergenic, advantageous for individuals with delicate skin or hypersensitivities that can disturb their skin. 

Less pressure

A mulberry silk pillowcase's flat surface can help decrease pressure on your face, permitting your face to stir at night effortlessly. In sequence, the silk can help halt those prominent sleep creases by exterminating the heaviness on your face.


Since silk is a breathable material, not like its cotton or polyester colleagues, it will make for a serener and more contented night’s sleep. This, sequentially, can help you sleep healthier and more profound, which means you awaken feeling refreshed. And your skin will have that healthy ruddiness we all desire. In addition, silk will keep your creams and oils on your face permitting your skin to take them deeper. The consequence? Waking up with softer, conditioned skin.

Visualize our silk pillowcases as skincare additions—not the final solution but able to deliver assistance to eliminate deep sleep creases. And generate a more contented sleep setting. In summary, our silk pillowcases won’t eliminate wrinkles. But utilizing a silk pillowcase will positively keep these wrinkles to the least and provide a more comfortable night's sleep.

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