Why sleeping on a silk pillowcase and silk scrunchies is good for your hair.

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Sleep is essential for the improvement of body organs. Therefore, it is fundamental to get seven or eight hours of sleep daily. Loads of beauty products have been asserted to be working well while sleeping. The one making waves nowadays is silk pillowcases. Silk pillowcases have argued welfares like decreasing wrinkles, split ends, and frizzle. But, will it work for your ultra-straight hair? Let's find out:

What makes a silk pillowcase different? 

Most pillowcases are prepared from cotton and come encompassed in a collection of sheets. You can likewise purchase silk or satin pillowslips, both of which have a flatter texture than cotton and microfiber. They are predestined to help give you healthier hair and skin.

Silk pillowcases are prepared from silk (obviously), a natural protein fiber obtained from silkworms. It’s smooth and breathable, meaning it permits air to move across. Silk is more luxurious than cotton and different kinds of threads, so silk pillowcases are equally more exclusive than others.

Satin pillowcases are more economical than silk since satin can be made from various fibers woven in a particular way to give the "glossy" satin feel and influence. Satin is characteristically made from polyester and has a similar smooth texture to silk but is usually less breathable.

Avoid Wrinkles

As associated with cotton pillowcases, silk pillowcases generate fewer wrinkles and help sleep healthier. According to experiments, friction is produced from throwing and rotating pillowcases that escort to crinkles in the skin. However, in silky and smooth surfaces, the influence of such creases decreases.

Precludes Frizzed Hair

Silk pillowcases have a flattened texture and do not generate friction. This leads to awakening with fewer frizzed hair, jumbles or bedhead. It is likewise accommodating for individuals with straight hair. Their ponytails and blow-dries stay for a lengthier duration without adding any frizzle. However, the hair can get slipshod and jumbled while sleeping in a cotton pillowcase.

Keeps Skin Fresh

Silk can keep the skin velvety, fresh, and hydrated. It furthermore helps in keeping the moisture percentage high. So for individuals with dry hair, silk pillowcases keep them don’t let them get dehydrated.

Keeps hair In good physical shape

Silk pillowcases keep the hair in good physical shape. In contrast with cotton pillowcases, the latter is more absorbent, thus, leading to a splintering of hair. In addition, such pillowcases soak up moisture from hair and bring about dehydrated strands or scaly scalp. Conversely, a silk pillowcase keeps the moisture content undamaged and does not dry out your hair.

Controls Temperature

Silk pillowcase helps in controlling the temperature. In addition, silk pillowcases do not cart off the moisture content and keep you hydrated and relaxed throughout the night.

That’s not all! Silk pillowcases can help people with bad skin since the silk pillowcase results in less friction on your face in the wee hours than cotton. In addition, it provides reinforcement even for the most delicate skin because of how tender a fabric it is.

So what are you waiting for? Your smooth and silky straight hair needs a silk pillowcase today!

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