“The reasons why your skin care products don’t work”

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1. The ULTIMATE money saver

With Dore & Rose's Skin Recovering Pillowcase, you achieve incredible results at just a fraction of the price of expensive products.

Elevate your skincare at just €0.25 per night, ditching expensive creams priced at €110 monthly.

2. Makes your creams and serums more effective

Apart from being extremely soft to the skin and its antibacterial properties, the skin recovering pillowcase does not absorb moisture. This makes your other products more effective and doesn't dehydrate the skin, like other fabrics.

3. Results in just 3 weeks

The mulberry silk along with the silver ion technology from which the pillowcases are made provide a solution and prevention of many skin problems such as exzema, acne and pimples. In addition, it prevents signs of skin aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Better skin, hair AND sleep

"Experience the ultimate all-in-one solution! Our pillowcases not only promote better skin but also deliver the perks of better sleep. Hypoallergenic and naturally temperature-regulating, they prevent hair friction and maintain hydration—all in a single product."

5. You can try it for 60 days free

Because Dore & Rose is so confident in the efficacy of their pillowcase, you can try it and return it after 60 days.

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Care for your skin while you sleep at just 10% of the beauty salon price.

✓ Risk free trial
✓ For all skin types
✓ Soft & Gentle, no damage formulas
✓ Fits all pillows

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