Apart from its beautiful appearance and feel, silk has some surprising benefits for your hair you may not be aware of, on this page you'll find why hair stylist and beauty professionals encourage sleeping on silk to get the most out of your hair.

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1. silk protects your hair

Understanding the protective characteristics of silk might help you understand why sleeping on silk should be your all-time hair care ritual. Silk, in a nutshell, minimizes friction. Consider waking up with tangles in your hair; most cases of bed head may be traced back to harm caused by your cotton pillowcase. Cotton fibers can strain and yank at your hair when you sleep, causing hair breakage, knots, and split ends. Meanwhile, Silk silky smoothness allows your hair to slide over it with minimal friction. So there are no snags, knots, or hair strands stuck within. Your hair will also remain frizz-free.

✔ Prevents hair breakage
✔ Avoids knots
✔ Prevents split ends


2. Silk keeps your hair moisturized

Regular cotton hair ties absorb more oils, products, and moisture than silk hair ties. Your hair will be visibly softer as a result of this treatment. Silk is made up of proteins and provides essential amino acids that help hair retain moisture and thrive. Silk protein, also known as sericin, is used in numerous hair conditioners and salon treatments. Silk fabric's moisture-wicking characteristics make it an excellent choice for pillowcases and hair accessories alike! Using silk scrunchies instead of elastic hair ties is a terrific option whether you have short or long hair, thick or fine hair, straight or curly hair. It is going to look and feel amazing!

✔ Visibly softer hair
✔ Naturally contains amino acids


3. Silk keeps your hair smooth

The most challenging aspect of having long hair is keeping it out of your face throughout the day while maintaining it lush and crinkle-free at night. In no time, It'll be a distant memory to take your hair down and discover all those indents! The silky soft material prevents crinkling in your hair. They're ideal for when you have a steamy date later in the evening. You can run errands without your hair in your face, then save that lovely hair salon appearance for your date later that evening!

✔ Avoids tangles
✔ Crinkle-free


Sleep on silk today, have better hair forever.

Add the Dore & Rose silk pillowcase to your haircare routine. You deserve the best, and so does your hair.
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