"A Good Night's Sleep for Millions, Thanks to This Product."

New silver-ion-infused silk pillowcase will make your skin glow like never before. The anti-bacterial properties and frictionless fabric leave your skin supple and hydrated as if you've just walked out a luxury spa.


The beauty industry giants were missing something

For decades, the beauty industry giants tirelessly formulated serums, creams, and treatments to combat the signs of aging and nurture our skin during the day. However, in their quest for daytime perfection, they inadvertently overlooked a critical aspect of skincare – the impact of our nighttime routine.

Our skin goes through a unique rejuvenation process during sleep, and the choice of bedding, sleep position, and overall sleep quality plays a pivotal role in its health and appearance.

While various options have been explored, such as overnight pillowcases and intensive night creams, many of these efforts fell short of delivering consistent results.

It seemed that the big beauty brands pushed more products to customers instead of actual solutions.

Now, a new era of skincare innovation acknowledges the importance of our sleep-related choices and is redefining our nighttime beauty routines with more effective solutions.

One significant breakthrough is the "Skin Recovering Pillowcases", crafted by a team of dedicated scientists and dermatologists. This pillowcase, infused with silver ion technology, not only eliminates bacteria but also offers gentle, skin-loving care during your nightly slumber.

Skin recovering™ Results

DoreandRose results
Faye: 4 weeks with Dore & Rose

Love the pillowcase, sleeping mask and scrunch. My skin and hair look and feel amazing! So much better than cotton.

DoreandRose results
Maia: 2 weeks with Dore & Rose

Had i ordered this sooner, i would have experienced the wealth of this product. Heavenly great sleeping. A treat for my skin and hair. I highly recommend this!

DoreandRose results
Maryse: 7 weeks with Dore & Rose

I have always had struggles with my skin. I do not only sleep better but my skin has an amazing glow. I am amazed how much my skin has improved. Thank you!

DoreandRose results
Sophie: 2 weeks with Dore & Rose

The silk pillow case actually helped to improve the skin of my face, and I had quite an immediate effect. I’m very happy with it and I won’t go back to cotton.

Silver ion technology

Silver ion technology harnesses the natural antibacterial properties of silver ions to create a protective shield on surfaces, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment. Its powerful, long-lasting action not only eliminates harmful microbes but also provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

23 Mulberry Silk

23-Mulberry silk, derived from exclusive mulberry leaves, offers exceptionally smooth, luxurious, and hypoallergenic fabric. Experience the epitome of comfort and elegance, enhancing the beauty of your skin and hair for a truly luxurious sleep.

The Skin Recovering Pillowcase

The Skin Recovering Pillowcase, designed by scientists and dermatologists, not only nurtures your skin with silver ion technology. Its gentle care and soothing qualities help improve skin health while ensuring you drift into a restful slumber effortlessly.

For a limited time you can save €5,- when you purchase a Skin Recovering Pillowcase

Customers love the Skin Recovering Pillowcase so much... It sold out 7 times in a row!

When Dore & Rose launched the Skin Recovering Pillowcase, they didn't expect 100.000+ customers in 60 countries would order over 175.000 Pillowcases so quickly.

Because of this constant demand and many people asking for them, the team decided to offer them for:

€59,- per Pillowcase

This promotion will surely be appreciated by long-time Dore & Rose fans, but will likely result in the current (8th) batch to be sold out very soon.

Especially as the customers' word of mouth got influencers, bloggers and journalists falling in love with Dore & Rose too.


For a limited time you can save €5,- when you purchase a Skin Recovering Pillowcase


How Dore & Rose is changing the skincare game

The Skin Recovering Pillowcase tackles bad sleep and bad skin simultaneously. That is probably why customers can't get enough of it!

Prevents Breakouts
Prevents Hair Static
Retains moisture
Glowing skin in the Morning
Prevents Acne
Soft for your skin
Skin Recovering
Rebalancing natural oils

Can Skincare be THIS Effective And Natural?

The Skin Recovering Pillowcase has hundreds of 5-star reviews and more keep flowing in every week!

Mulberry Silk is known as natural silk and is made from natural fibers. A careful peeling and production process results in highest-quality fabric: 23 momme mulberry silk.

Combined with silver ion technology Dore & Rose have created unique antibacterial silk items. The silver ions are infused into the silk fibers, meaning it kills bacteria, mold and stops them from growing. Making it more than just a fabric.

It is no wonder people are loving the product and purchasing one product after another.

Get it while you still can!

The 8th Batch of the Skin Recovering Pillowcase has been released and the word is out in the beauty community. People are spreading the news about the limited offer and stock has become limited.

Take advantage of the promotion they are having and order your Skin Recovering Pillowcase today for only €59,-. It is time to bring out your natural glow and enjoy radiant skin and a really good sleep!

For a limited time you can save €5,- when you purchase a Skin Recovering Pillowcase