Silk Sleep Bundles

Made from extremely soft, hypoallergenic, 23 Momme mulberry silk for incredible sleep.




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More about sleep bundles

Our silk pillowcases are made of 100% mulberry silk. A soft fabric designed to improve your skin and reduce your acne. Treated with silver ion technology, which kills 99.7% off all bacteria. Creating an anti-bacterial pillowcase designed to recover your skin overnight. Experience the benefits of this silk soft sleeping set. Our silk pillowcases infused with silver ions contribute to radiant and glowing skin. It improves the skins natural oils, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, boosts the other skincare products and softens the skin. The soft silk fabric prevents friction with the skin, which decreases redness and irritations. This pillowcase and other sleep essentials are designed to help treat acne, redness and other skin conditions. These sleep bundles match any bedding and interior due to the different colors in the collection. A silky smooth experience for your skin and hair create glowing skin and healthy hair.

Benefits of our silk products

With a special technology, the silver ions are infused into the silk fabric, creating a 99.7% bacteria killing formulation and collection. In situ reduction, the silk pillowcase and sleep masks are treated with silver ions. For even skin around the eyes and reducing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, we recommend to sleep with our skin-recovering sleep mask. Sleeping with our silk sleeping mask can be a great solution for people who wake up with puffy eyes. It has a cooling effect and gives light compression on the eyes so that they do not swell. The scrunchie for the hair is also made of 22-momme mulberry silk, this prevents tangles and damage to the hair. Our silk scrunchies leaves no kink in the hair after using it for over 7 hours. It therefore leaves no traces of use after wearing a pony tail and putting your hair up.

Safety and durability

All our products are 100% certified and safe. The entire collection is Oeko-Tex certified and has passed all SGS tests and inspections. We also strive for our supply chain and logistics process to be as sustainable as possible.