This is what damaged hair looks like!

Posted by Faye Veugelers on

We all have our own hair struggles, too short, too long, too curly or too straight. Don’t get me started about the color! We always want what we can’t have..

But one thing is for sure, we CAN control how we treat our hair. It’s time to take heat damage serious and here are some ways to check out the health of your hair! 

The looks of it?

Is your crown looking dry, frizzy, dull and rough. Are you loosing your shine due to your cuticles being damaged? Did you know these are the shiners of the hair?

What’s your type? 

Are you a curly or straight kinda queen? This is what heat damage looks like for you: Your curls are looking limp, and not holding their shape. For the straights, your hair may appear less sleek and polished. 

Loosing hair? 

If you loose more van 100 pieces of hair per day, and experience breakage flyaways, it’s time to start taking better care of your hair honey! 

A little birdy told us start using the Dore & Rose Silk Heatless Curlers to style your hair with no heat and pure love!

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