#Pillowtalk: Find out what Cosmetic Surgeon, Kristel Woltman, has to say

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Drs. Kristel Woltman - Cosmetic Surgeon, Studio Puur

Who better to pillowtalk with than cosmetic surgeon, Kirstel Woltman, who has dedicated her career to improve ones skin and helps to achieve the best version of yourself. 

"Less is more, everyone is unique in their own way and I strive to empower natural beauty" 

We had an interesting chat with Kristel, keep on reading to find out what her perspective is on skincare. 


What is your advice on how to take care of your skin? 

"There is so much you can achieve with the right adjustments when taking care of your skin before having to take further steps. It’s the balance that does it. The right ingredients in your products, the nutritions you consume, as well sleeping on a silk pillowcase. I highly recommend Dore & Rose to all my patients. For me it’s how it increases the productivity of your serums and moisturizers and the softness of the silk which decreases the chance of forming lines and folds in the skin."


Why Dore & Rose? 

"It’s the technology that makes Dore & Rose so unique. It’s not just an ordinary silk pillowcase anymore, it really contributes to improving the structure and health of the skin due to the high level of anti-bacterial particles. Don’t underestimate how big of a difference this can make if you suffer from acne. 

I have seen many products and ingredients in my career as a cosmetic surgeon, but when working with expensive products like I do, it’s truly a waste when not being able to let them sink into the skin, or being intruded by bacteria."


Any other things that you recommend?

"The main skincare brand I work with is SkinCeuticals. Their products are all based on scientific formulations, which makes it a good match with Dore & Rose. They intensify each other, as I said before, it’s about finding the balance and what works for you." 

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