Premium Stretchable Silk Sleep Eye Mask from Dore & Rose in the color White
Woman waking up in the morning wearing the Premium Stretchable Silk Sleep Eye Mask from Dore & Rose in the color white
Premium Stretchable Silk Sleep Eye Mask from Dore & Rose in the color White
Woman waking up in the morning wearing the Premium Stretchable Silk Sleep Eye Mask from Dore & Rose in the color white
Clearer Skin
Silvadur® Technology

Skin Recovering™ Silkesömmask Sale

"Will never sleep on cotton again! It's super soft and so comfortable to lie on! Quality is outstanding and it really comes packed as a gift. Huge recommendation to all!" - Sascha

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Why 10.000+ others love it: 
Sleep better and healthier with our 23 momme silk sleep mask, crafted from the finest mulberry silk. This luxuriously smooth sleep mask is gentle on the skin and infused with natural silver ions, successfully eliminating 99.7% of bacteria, resulting in clear skin for a truly revitalizing night's sleep.

  • No more puffy eyes

  • Prevents fine lines and eye wrinkles

  • Better falling asleep and longer REM sleep

  • Easy to take care of and suitable for all skin types


Behandling: Innehåller antibakteriella silverkoner
Tyg: 22 momme mullbärssilke (silke av högsta kvalitet)
Etisk certifiering: Oeko-Tex®
Djurtestade: Nej
Tillsatta konstgjorda kemikalier: Inga
Förpackning: Varje produkt är individuellt förpackad och kommer i en egen kartong.

Handtvätt i ljummet vatten med PH-neutralt tvättmedel med våra tvättpåsar är den bästa metoden för att bevara din silkesmjukhet och hålla dina produkter i bästa skick.

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We know you're going to love our products, but we understand you can't be sure now. That is why we offer a 60 night trial. If for any reason you're not loving your Dore & Rose silk pillowcase, even after 60 days, send it back for a full refund.

Side note: This is not applicable for products other than pillowcases.

Clearer Skin
Silvadur® Technology

Skin Recovering™ Silkesömmask

279 kr

Why 100.000+ others are fans

Why 100.000+ others are fans

The Beauty of Unboxing

Every Dore & Rose product comes in beautiful, specially made packaging that's designed to make unboxing feel like a luxurious experience, whether it's for you or someone special.

What makes Dore & Rose special

These 23 momme, mulberry silk pillowcase and sleep mask are treated with Silvadur® silver ion technology, a natural process of incorporating silver ions into fabrics for their antimicrobial properties. This effectively eliminates bacteria providing a protective barrier against germs and reducing the risk of infections or skin irritations.

99.7% Antibacterial

Beathable Fabric

Skin recovering™ Results

DoreandRose results
Faye: 4 weeks with Dore & Rose

Love the pillowcase, sleeping mask and scrunch. My skin and hair look and feel amazing! So much better than cotton.

DoreandRose results
Maia: 2 weeks with Dore & Rose

Had i ordered this sooner, i would have experienced the wealth of this product. Heavenly great sleeping. A treat for my skin and hair. I highly recommend this!

DoreandRose results
Maryse: 7 weeks with Dore & Rose

I have always had struggles with my skin. I do not only sleep better but my skin has an amazing glow. I am amazed how much my skin has improved. Thank you!

DoreandRose results
Sophie: 2 weeks with Dore & Rose

The silk pillow case actually helped to improve the skin of my face, and I had quite an immediate effect. I’m very happy with it and I won’t go back to cotton.

Frequently asked questions

Is it suitable for every skin type? 

Sure! Unlike other skin care products, our products are suitable for all skin types.

Have your products been tested?

Absolutely! Our products are SGS certified. This is the largest testing organization worldwide. The tests show that the silver ions are still effective after 51 washes!

What is the biggest difference between cotton and silk?

Most people sleep on a cotton pillowcase, but did you know that after just 3 days there are as many bacteria on your pillowcase as there are on a toilet seat? Our silk pillowcases are infused with silver ions, eliminating 99.7% of all bacteria. Silk is also naturally super soft, cooling, and hypoallergenic.

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