5 Reasons Why 1000's of People are Now Sleeping with This Special Sleep Mask

Searching for the perfect sleep? Join the movement as thousands make the switch to the Dore & Rose's Deep Sleep Mask.

1. More rested in shorter nights

The Deep Sleep Mask is like a cheat code to a good nights' rest and helps optimize your sleep pattern. Allowing you to be more rested in a shorter night of sleep.

2. Makes you fall asleep efortless

The mask is super soft and gentle for your eyes. It is 100% light blocking and lets you fall asleep naturally without effort.

3. Helps you keep sleeping

We wake up 3 times on average at night. The Deep Sleep Mask lets you sleep through the night better and helps prevent you waking up.

4. Protects your skin and prevents puffy eyes

The Deep Sleep Mask helps prevent puffy eyes and helps protect the skin, due to its anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties.

5. It is adjustable for all head sizes

It is adjustable and therefore will always be the desired size. Therefore, it is always comfortable because you can decide how tight it should be.

Sleep better, and deeper every night and wake up more rested than ever before.

✓ Risk free trial
✓ For all skin types
✓ Soft & Gentle, no damage formulas
✓ One size fits all

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