What does your acne say about your health?

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It’s hard to sometimes find the reasons behind our acne and breakouts. We always tend to focus on what we put onto our face, but sometimes forget to pay attention to what we put into our body and the messages our hormones and organs give us. The struggle is real when you can’t get to the bottom of what is causing your breakouts and especially why they keep coming back in the same areas. We put together an acne mapping guide to help you a little further. Have any questions? Never hesitate to reach out! 



1. Forehead

If you take a closer look at your digestive and bladder issues, this can translate into forehead acne. Overconsumption of processed food and not hydrating enough will trigger your acne too, so try to watch the things you put into your body here! Not getting enough hours of sleep and a poor diet also expresses itself with forehead breakouts. 

2. Nose

Struggling with digestion and circulation appear on the nose. This area is also where blackheads and clogged pores arise, don’t forget to double cleanse here! Always start with an oil cleanse to rinse off your make-up, followed by a gel or foam cleanse. 

3. Chin

This is where the intestines start speaking. If down there is not working, this is where it shows up. Coffee and alcohol play a role here too. 

4. Cheeks

If you have lung problems your acne can appear around this area. If the acne finds itself more on the side of your face, your cotton and dirty pillowcases can be the devil, just like the phone that’s always against your face. 

5. Jawline

Hormones and the way you eat is important here. Eating too much and not absorbing your nutrients properly. If you have an increase in estrogen, you might experience under-the-skin inflamed pimples. Try to leave out dairy, caffeine, sugar and gluten and see what happens. 

6. Neck

This can be an effect of dirty pillowcases, which is why it’s so important to choose your fabrics wisely. If you suffer from high progesterone levels, this can show in your neck. Just like how the ovaries also have something to say here.

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