How to help your bloat

Posted by Faye Veugelers on

Something many people suffer from, but we often don’t talk about. Trying to calm down your bloat isn’t easy as finding the root cause might be the hardest thing.

You’ve probably already tried leaving out certain food groups, but still not getting it under control. Here are some tips that might you help!

What to avoid?

Dairy, gluten and refined sugars are the most common that can have an effect on your bloating and gassiness. You can try eliminating these groups one at a time to see what this does to your body. Give it a minimum of 3 days to experience a difference!

What about Soy?

What many people might not know, is that soy can be pretty aggressive to your gut. If you try to avoid dairy and are replacing it with soy, and are still experiencing bloating/cramps, this could be the problem.

Holy Ginger

The most anti-inflammatory ingredient there is which can help with your gut discomfort and reduce your bloating. Try it in a tea, juice or in your salad!  

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