"How the Skin Recovering™ Silk Pillowcase saved my skin"

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This week, we got a heartwarming message from one of our customers. She asked us if we would like to share her story on our blog, and we would never say no to that! 

Say hi to Hansje!
“I thought I would share my story because I really hope it can help someone like it helped me!

One day I suddenly woke up with a sever allergic reaction. Red burning eyes, patches on my skin and neck, and my whole face covered and swollen. Since that day, it would come and go, and I could not find out what it was. It was really affecting my way of life as my face and neck were covered in red, flaming patches. 

I went to several doctors and specialists to find out what was going on. The dermatologist I went to, actually told me to start sleeping on silk. Her reasons were that it’s so much softer for your skin and contains fewer bacteria. She recommended Dore & Rose as they have their silver ion-treated pillowcases. 

The dermatologists were doing several patch tests on me to try and find out where the allergic reaction was coming from, but nothing was really to be found. They said it’s possible that I developed a cotton allergy because as soon as I sleep on cotton, it comes back!  To be honest, the first night that I slept on the Skin RecoveringSilk Pillowcase I already saw a difference the next morning. After about 3 weeks, it was all gone. 

Not only did I not experience any allergic reactions anymore, but my skin is glowing and I have such an even complexion. I felt so much more confident and I was going places without makeup. It honestly saved my skin and I take it with me anywhere I go! 

A little tip, I use the sleep mask after I cry, it cools down the swollen watery eyes and reduces the burning feeling! Works every time!”

“I added some before pictures, and after once feeling happy in my skin again!”

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