How to wash silk?

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A fine and delicate product requires a little more attention during washing than the rest. To ensure the quality of your silk products, it is important to wash them properly. It is, of course, too valuable and fragile for anything less!

Here are all the tips and tricks to take care of your silk products as best as possible:

Essentials before we begin:

  • A laundry bag
  • Liquid pH neutral detergent

How to wash and dry silk:

This can be done with a hand wash program on the washing machine at 30 degrees and without spinning, and make sure the pillowcase goes inside out in the laundry bag. Once clean, you can hang it up to dry. So the silk pillowcase CANNOT go in the dryer! Ironing can be done gently inside out on silk setting. If you don't have this, a hand steamer can also work very well.

How often should you wash a silk pillowcase?

Our silver ion technology provides antibacterial action, so we recommend washing the pillowcase every 12 days. That way, there is only minimal formation of bacteria.

Is washing at 30 degrees enough?

We understand if you're thinking, only 30 degrees? Is that enough to get it clean? Don't worry, this is enough to clean your pillowcase properly. Due to the antibacterial action of the silver ions in the fabric, the pillowcase remains free of bacteria. If you wash at higher temperatures, there is a high chance that you will damage the quality of the silk and the effectiveness of the silver ions.

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