5 Skincare winter trends you need to know about

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We’re all constantly taking care of our skin, often gullible to believe new trends that come by or new brands that you just can't resist. We ask ourselves whether constantly trying new things is good for your skin. That's why we're going to share these 5 skincare essentials during winter, and they are "here to stay!".


1. SPF is your best friend all year long

Easy to forget, especially when it's cold and the sun isn't shining. But SPF is a product that should not be left out in your skincare routine. UV rays are the main cause of skin aging and pigmentation spots, and still very active when the sun is not shining. So always remember to finish your routine with SPF.


2. Vitamin C for radiant skin

If we can't absorb vitamin D during the winter for glowing summer skin, it's time to add a vitamin C serum every morning. It’s super hydrating for the skin extra as it penetrates deep into the skin, which is extra important during the dry winter months. You start to notice a difference and wake up with plumply and glowing skin. Our favorites: 

- Sunday Riley Vitamin C serum 
- Skin Ceuticals Vitamin C serum


3. Night cream for an extra boost

Whether you like it or not, the colder days make your skin much drier. Especially towards the end of the year, it is a good idea to apply a night cream or night mask about 3 times a week. To hydrate and nourish the skin, a night cream filled with rich ingredients can revitalize your skin. Our favourite: Susanne Kaufmann: Invigorating Night Cream.


4. Ultimate care for your lips

Our lips have a lot to endure. Essential in our life and not be forgotten. There is nothing worse than smearing lip gloss on dry lips. The secret tip for hydrated lips all year round? Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream. Available in different shapes, so if you want a tube, jar or stick, you can find your match! Does not stick and does not dry out the lips.


5. Recover your skin while you sleep

If you want all your skincare products to work as well as possible, it's about time your next beauty investment is the Skin Recovering Silk Pillowcase. Treated with silver ion technology, and eliminates 99.7% of all bacteria. The mulberry silk repels moisture, which means that your night creams absorb well into the skin and not into your pillowcase. An essential addition to your skincare routine, also an item for all year long!


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